A heart in his hands ♥

Dr.Himanshu Dubey

While dissecting the woman at Table 1, A medical student  finds it is still possible to think of the human body as a grand design, amazing in its ability to coordinate the thought, energy and motion needed to blink an eye or swing a tennis racket.

He marvels at subtle peculiarities — the old woman’s youthful-looking hands and His’s own, which can throw righty and bat lefty.

During the class exams at the College, images flash in his mind. He sees the lush color illustrations from Frank H. Netter’s “Atlas of Human Anatomy.”

Then, in the last week of September, His’s dissection group delves inside the old woman’s chest. What they find is anything but grand or idealized.

The Left lung sticks to the chest wall; it is not supposed to. And inside the organ lurks dark red, gelatinous material that should not be there.

What is all this stuff? He…

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By Dr.Himanshu Dubey

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